Selection Criteria

Intensive training courses are available to train suitable people to become instructors of the Standard, Youth and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA Courses. For more information, download our Information Sheets.

There are eight essential selection criteria that need to be met:

  1. Good knowledge of mental illnesses and their treatment
  2. Personal or professional experience with people with mental illnesses
  3. Favourable attitudes towards people with mental illness
  4. Enthusiasm to deliver MHFA courses
  5. Good teaching and communication skills
  6. Good background knowledge of mental health services
  7. Good interpersonal skills
  8. Good business plan or organisational support to conduct MHFA courses

Find out how to apply here and read our help section for Frequently Asked Questions.

Testimonials and Stories from MHFA Instructors

Standard MHFA Instructor Training

Instructor Training Testimonial

“I have never sat through five days of education with such a level of attentiveness. The balance of teacher-participants was excellent, and the exemplars and demonstrations of education in action stimulating. The quality of the resources provided is outstanding. Thank you. I look forward to continued involvement with MHFA.”
Tony Hoare, May 2004

Life as an Instructor

Tony Hoare, Standard MHFA Instructor Training, March 2012

“I am passionate about what MHFA can do. I know some lives have been saved, and many changed, because of the impact of MHFAiders.”

Talking with Tony Hoare, June 2012 Q & A at our blog

Youth MHFA Instructor Training

Instructor Training Testimonial

“The Youth MHFA Instructor Training course was the most stimulating, well organised and engaging training I have experienced. To be immersed into YMHFA for 5.5 days was mentally and physically exhausting and stimulating all in the same moment. Separate from the program being so well researched and packaged, trainers Dr Claire Kelly and Gloria Claessen make a dynamic duo. I want to thank them for their outstanding work & leadership modelling constantly how instructors can deliver this training. I look forward to delivering this program later in the year! Once again thank you for an amazing week.”
Christine Vay, July 2011

Life as an Instructor

YMHFA course for Byron Bay Schoolies HUB volunteers – Nicqui pictured middle.

7 years ago Nicqui Yazdi lost a loved one to suicide. Within 6 months she did a Mental Health First Aid course to try and understand her loss. It changed her life.

Talking with Nicole Yazdi, November 2011 Q & A at our blog

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA Instructor Training

Instructor Training Testimonial

“I have been an Aboriginal Mental Health Worker for at least 5 yrs. I completed the MHFA training last week, and was very much encouraged by the course. I know that mental health first aid is really one of the keys into healing, certainly early intervention. The course content upskilled my understanding and knowledge and gave me a valuable insight into the impacts of mental illness. Just like the St Johns First Aid course I completed last year, if our people have a lot more insight into these illnesses, the process of treatment would be beneficial to all.”
Craig Brown, Aboriginal Mental Health Worker NSW, Feb 2007

Life as an Instructor

Johnathan Link with Kowanyama Rangers from Western Cape York AMHFA course.

Life in Cape York: delivering Mental Health First Aid in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in remote Far North Queensland.

Talking with Johnathon Link, February 2012 Q & A at our blog

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